Homeworld developer congratulates Gearbox on buy, reveals unseen art

A key member of the Homeworld series’ original team has congratulated Gearbox on buying the property, and revealed unseen art from Homeworld 2.

The RTS milestone and cult favourite has a new home with Gearbox Software, as we reported earlier this week. The rights were auctioned off in the aftermath of previous franchise owner THQ’s bankruptcy woes.

CEO of Blackbird Interactive Rob Cunningham said of the deal: “Blackbird Interactive would like to show their support in stewardship of Gearbox in their future plans for the IP. As co-founders of Relic Entertainment, Homeworld is very dear to our hearts.”

To mark the occasion Cunningham, who lead art duties on the series, had a trawl through his art archive and found some unseen images which can be viewed in our Homeworld 2 gallery.

Cunningham’s new studio is working on an RTS of its own, Hardware: Shipbreakers, announced earlier this year.

“Homeworld gave us a great foundation in the industry and established Relic as a world class studio.” Cunningham added. “We are excited for our friends and colleagues at Gearbox to show us and the world what lies in store in the next chapter of the Homeworld saga.”