Humble Introversion Bundle launches

The latest Humble Indie Bundle has launched, this time featuring all four of UK studio Introversion's games.

Included in the pay-what-you-want promotion are Uplink, Darwinia, Multiwinia and Defcon. As always, the games are compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux, but also included are two Windows-only bonuses: the developer's voxel physics system, and the procedural city generator used in Subversion, the game the developer reluctantly cancelled last month.

Also on offer are the Darwinia and Defcon soundtracks, with those paying more than the average price – $3.82 at the time of writing – also given free copies of Crayon Physics Deluxe and Aquaria.

As always, buyers can specify how they would like their payment to be split between the developers, the bundle organisers, the EFF and Child's Play. Introversion could certainly do with the funds: it has regularly struggled with cashflow, and very nearly closed its doors last March after poor sales of Xbox Live Arcade release of Darwinia+. It was only saved by adding Steam achievements to Defcon, with Valve agreeing to run a promotion.

It's off to a good start: at the time of writing the bundle has grossed almost $330,000 since its launch last night. To get yours, follow the source link below.