Humble Store revenue split preferable to Steam and GOG, says Phil Fish



Game developers get 70 per cent of revenues from Steam and sales but 95 per cent through the Humble store, says Fez creator Phil Fish.

The revenue split on Steam, and the Humble store is usually subject to a confidentiality agreement, but Fish tweeted last night: “the humble store is the best way to support us! we get 95% of revenues as opposed to steam/gog’s 70%.”

Humble’s more favourable revenue split explains why an increasing number of indies are pushing games sales through the service on their own sites. Recent releases Proteus and Monaco each used Humble as well as Steam, and new weekly Humble sales – which have seen the likes of Bastion reduced to 69p – suggest that this kinder revenue split means lower prices for players.

Fish was tweeting about the PC release of Fez. You can find out what we thought of the XBLA original in our Fez review.