Ico And SOTC “Weren’t Good Enough”, Says Ueda

Ico And SOTC "Weren’t Good Enough", Says Ueda

Ico And SOTC "Weren’t Good Enough", Says Ueda

Fumito Ueda, director of Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus, believes the reason his emotive, artistic and much-loved PlayStation 2 games sold poorly was because they weren’t good enough.

With Ueda’s current project, The Last Guardian, set for release this year, we asked if he was bothered that gamers’ repeated calls for originality are not reflected in sales charts, which suggest they prefer the security of long-established franchises.

“I think the problem is different,” he tells us. “I believe the issue is with the product. The fact that Ico and SOTC didn’t sell well is because they weren’t good enough. They didn’t have enough to appeal to users.

The Last Guardian wants to learn from this. I’m making the game so that it’s appealing, with the hope that many people will give it a try and love it.”

We spoke to Ueda as part of our in-depth preview of The Last Guardian which is in our new issue, E226, which will be dropping through subscriber letterboxes in the next few days, and at all good newsagents on March 15.