Id Explains Rage Mod Limitations

Id Explains Rage Mod Limitations

Id Explains Rage Mod Limitations

Tim Willits, creative director of id Software, has revealed more on the PC modding tools that will be included with Rage, the first game the firm has developed completely in-house since 2004’s Doom 3.

Speaking to us at a preview event in Utah last week, Willits revealed that the tools available will likely not offer the same level of creative freedom as id's previous titles.

“On PC we’ll always ship the id Studio,” Willits told us. “So you can pull the console down and type ‘id Studio’, and – bam! – there are the tools that we use. Building levels from scratch is more difficult but I can foresee somebody modding up [one of Rage’s hub towns like] Wellspring and adding different characters and giving them different voiceovers.

“Then you’ll have a mission and load up the layer of that level that you need to go to. So you’ll probably see more stuff like that.”

Willits’ comments tally with his 2008 warning that Rage would be “more difficult to mod” due to the id Tech 5 engine’s megatexture system, which stores texture data for levels as one huge map that streams in, rather than smaller maps that are individually loaded as and when required.

The firm has a long tradition of making its old engines open-source when it releases a game on a new engine, but Willits was unable to say whether id will keep to tradition and release the Doom 3 engine when Rage is released. It appears, however, that publisher Bethesda – whose parent company Zenimax acquired id in 2009 - is happy with the notion of id giving its old technology away.

“That’s mostly up to [id co-founder] John Carmack,” Willits explained, “he sets the schedule for that. But his philosophy of maintaining that type of connection with the community hasn’t changed.”

Rage will be released for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 13 in North America, and September 16 in Europe.