Indie Game Devs Concerned By 360 Dashboard Changes

Indie Game Devs Concerned By 360 Dashboard Changes

Relocation of indie games leads many to question the recent update to the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Microsoft’s update to the Xbox 360 dashboard moves the category of Xbox Live Indie Games from the game store section to the “Specialty Shops” area of the Marketplace in the US.

The changes have lead to discontent among the community of indie games developers for the platform. A forum thread began yesterday on the App Hub – previously XNA – developer community website, expressing concerns from indie game makers.

“I’d like to know the rationale behind it – at least then the community could try and come up with constructive alternatives, rather than being pushed further into obscurity,” said Deejay, managing director of UK-based developer Binary Tweed.

The changes to the Marketplace also mean that indie games cannot be searched by title or genre in the more general game store area.

Matthew Doucette, co-founder and producer of Canada-based Xona Games responded to the changes by drawing up possible solutions. Doucette cites the new Marketplace’s potential dangers as: “The best sellers and top rated lists change very little, and degrade in value quickly. The new releases [lists] are of the worst quality due to laws of averages, because they contain all games, and change so rapidly to offer any significant value to the average XBLIG developer.”