Intel Investing In OpenFeint?

Intel Investing In OpenFeint?

Intel Investing In OpenFeint?

Investment arm of the technology company is believed to be backing the mobile social game platform.

VentureBeat is reporting that Intel Capital, the investment arm of Intel, has invested $3 million in OpenFeint, a platform that adds the functionality of a social network to developers’ games.

The OpenFeint network offers similar features to Xbox Live and Facebook, such as leaderboards, friend lists and achievements. Titles that have adopted OpenFeint features include Cave’s iPhone shooter Espgaluda II and the recently released version of Fruit Ninja for Android.

OpenFeint is owned by US-based games and platform developer, Aurora Feint. Founded in 2007, the company currently has 35 employees.

Jason Citron, CEO of Aurora Feint, said, “Having a big brand like Intel support us is another stamp of legitimacy for us.”

Chinese online game publisher The9 invested in Aurora Feint in July, followed by Japanese mobile portal and e-commerce solutions company DeNA.

Last month Aurora Feint announced that its service would be available on Android devices, in addition to iOS, and supporting cross-platform play.