Introducing the Edge Developer Awards



We’re rapidly closing in on the publication of our 250th issue, and to mark the occasion we’re introducing the Edge Developer Awards, a new, annual list of the best game development studios in the world.

Judged by Edge’s editorial team, the EDAs are not ranked by revenue, sales figures, or review scores. There are no hard and fast criteria that every studio included needs to satisfy, but we know what we’re looking for. We’re interested in technical and creative ability, in studios which realise the most involving and stimulating game worlds, whether through visual, audio or game design.

We’re looking at creative imagination, at studios bringing new influences and themes to gaming, and those that experiment with giving players new ways of interacting with the worlds they build.

We’re interested in their use of networks and processes that improves the process of making games. They’ll have displayed an understanding of different gaming platforms, of their design potential and how players use them.

They’ll also be great places to work – the sort of studio that any aspiring, or working, developer would want to join. And they’ll have a clear vision of the future of videogames, and their role within it.

Discussions have already begun as we begin whittling down the scores of studios making great games to our first ever top 50 – and while the list will be produced solely by our editorial staff, we’d like to hear your views, too. Whether it’s in the comments below, on our Facebook page, Google+ page or via Twitter, we want to know what you think is the best studio in the world and why. If you’re in the industry and think your employer should be considered, tell us. The best comments we receive will be considered for inclusion in the magazine.

Issue 250 of Edge goes on sale on January 17, both in print and on Apple Newsstand. If you’re yet to see our interactive iPad edition – which has been nominated for two Digital Magazine Awards – there’s a free sampler available from the App Store.