iOS stealth title Republique resurfaces with real-time environments



Eight months after hitting its half-million dollar goal on Kickstarter, Camouflaj has released new Republique footage highlighting its switch from pre-rendered to 3D real-time environments.

Camouflaj counts former Halo 4 director and Metal Gear Solid 4 producer Ryan Payton among its ranks. The studio says that the shift to 3D has been a challenge for mobile platform development, but the game runs at 30FPS on iOS and remains on track for a late summer release.

“It’s a pretty big relief on the design side,” says Camouflaj’s game designer Ezra Hanson-White. “It makes things easier – mocking things up then sticking with your mock-up so you’re not stuck with the same pre-rendered image.”

Even in full 3D, Republique still uses fixed perspectives, as players switch between security cameras to guide protagonist Hope through the city of Metamorphosis. One-touch controls let players set waypoints for Hope as she avoids guards and gathers items in her attempt to escape the city.

Developed on Unity, much of the work over the past eight months has focused on the animation and AI systems, and today’s update is the first of several planned over coming months. Republique is slated for release in late summer on iOS, with PC and Mac versions following shortly afterward.

You can watch a new ‘making of’ video below: