Italian videogame museum Vigamus opens in Rome

Vigamus display

Vigamus, a dedicated videogame museum based in Rome, opened on October 20th attracting over 1,600 visitors during its first weekend.

“We have problems here recognising the cultural and artistic value of games,” director Marco Accordi Rickards told us in a recent interview. “In Italy we don’t have a very solid industry, as developers; we have a strong market, but that doesn’t help very much because people think of videogames just as toys – something you buy, sell, promote, not a cultural industry where you create.

“We want to push the cultural value of videogames, to educate those familiar with games and those who aren’t. We think of games as ‘interactive multimedia works;’ the word ‘game’ can lead to a misunderstanding nowadays. We want people to understand it’s not all encapsulated in that one word, people have to understand that a game has artists and authors behind it who express a vision. We believe gamers should become more conscious of the nature of a game.”

Read our full interview with Rickards on how his crusade to bring videogame history to the masses paid off here, or, if you’re Rome any time soon, pop into the museum itself.