ITV uses Arma 2 footage in IRA documentary


UK broadcaster ITV last night used footage from Arma 2 in a documentary about links between deposed Lybian dictator Muammar Gaddafi and the IRA.

The documentary, Exposure – Gaddafi And The IRA, used footage from a fan-made video of Bohemia Interactive's PC shooter that showed a helicopter being shot down, and passed it off as an IRA video from 1988.

Speaking to Gamasutra, Bohemia CEO Marek Spanel said he had no idea the clip was to be used in a documentary and had not been contacted by ITV.

"We were not aware of this video," he said. "First of all, we are very surprised to see in-game footage referred to in the documentary as real IRA film from 1988.

"We have no idea how this footage made it to the documentary. Our games are very open and allow users to freely do a lot of things, I see this is somehow a bizarre use of creative freedom.

"Plus it of course raises another question mark over how the media tend to operate these days."

The video is currently unavailable on ITV's catchup service, ITV Player, though the offending clip and the fan-made video from which it is taken can be viewed below.