Japan: 360 Topples Wii

Japan: 360 Topples Wii

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 outsold Nintendo’s Wii and Sony’s PS3 in Japan during the week ended September 14, Famitsu reports.

According to an MCV translation of the report, weekly Xbox 360 sales hit 28,681 units, a massive jump on the 843 units shifted a week earlier (Media Create data pegged prior week 360 sales at 1044). In comparison, Nintendo moved 27,057 Wii units and Sony sold just 8,050 PS3s.

A number of reasons were cited for the hike in Xbox 360 sales, including a recent price cut to the entire range of 360 models, the launch of a 60GB unit, and renewed stock following widespread shortages.

The release of Square Enix’s Infinite Undiscovery, which reportedly sold 86,708 copies in its debut week, also contributed to the system’s weekly hardware victory.

According to the report 717,275 Xbox 360s have now been sold in Japan.

We’ll publish the usual weekly hardware sales figures from Media Create on Friday and the Japanese software top ten on Thursday.