Joe Danger announced for iOS

PSN and XBLA platformer Joe Danger is in development for iOS, Hello Games has revealed.

The Guildford-based studio unveiled the project at last weekend's PAX East conference in Boston. Speaking to Gamasutra, Hello Games MD Sean Murray said that, far from being a shoe-horned port, the game had been built from the ground up for its target platform.

"I hate that word, 'port'," he said. "Simply porting a game is never something I could get excited about, it's soulless work. Joe Danger on iOS is a new game."

Murray explains that the project began almost my accident – he was tinkering with iOS development on weekends, and Joe Danger's were the only assets he had to hand. He is working with Steven Burgess, formerly a designer on LostWinds for Frontier Developments. An Android version is also in the works.

The announcement means Joe Danger is headed for a third platform despite originally being a PSN exclusive because its development was part-funded by Sony's Pub Fund initiative. An XBLA version, Joe Danger: Special Edition, which featured an extra ten hours of content, was released last year.