Judge denies Bethesda’s Fallout Online appeal

Bethesda has suffered a further setback in the Fallout MMOG dispute with Interplay after its appeal against an earlier decision was denied.

Last month the publisher's motion for a temporary restraining order against Interplay and Masthead, the developer to whom it had subcontracted work on the MMOG, dubbed Fallout Online, was denied. At the time the judge ruled Bethesda had dragged its heels in applying for the motion – and that it therefore couldn't be all that important.

Bethesda appealed the ruling, saying the court "abused its discretion and misapplied the law". Yet, once again, Joystiq reports that the court ruled against it. It's yet another blow for Bethesda's legal department: last week it failed in its bid to block the release of Mojang's upcoming Scrolls, which it said was in violation of its Elder Scrolls trademark.