Judge Tosses Out God Of War Lawsuit

Judge Tosses Out God Of War Lawsuit

A court has ruled in favour of Sony Computer Entertainment America and David Jaffe in a lawsuit brought by screenwriters who claimed that God of War was based on their original work.

In 2008, Jonathan Bissoon-Dath and Jennifer Barrete-Herzog argued that work they had created and submitted to Sony was later used in the creation of God of War. The pair pointed to similarities between the game’s protagonist, Kratos, and their own. They also claim that Kratos’ quest for vengeance against Ares over the death of his family mirrored their own character’s motivation against bandits who killed his family.

Judge Marilyn Hall Patel examined content in the game and the screenwriters plot, commenting: "While violence is not absent from plaintiffs’ works, it lacks the thematic centrality and intensity seen in ‘God of War.’ For instance, plaintiffs’ protagonist refuses to kill such an ‘amazing animal’ as the rampaging Nemean Lion and instead transforms the beast into his ‘tamed pet.’"

Judge Patel concluded: "No one can own the basic idea for a story. General plot ideas are not protected by copyright law; they remain forever the common property of artistic mankind."

Via Hollywood Reporter