Kaos Defends Homefront Campaign Length

Kaos Defends Homefront Campaign Length

Homefront developer Kaos Studios has defended the length of the single-player campaign in its upcoming shooter, saying that, while some testers finished the game in five hours, its duration was “competitive” with its peers.

“We’ve done a lot of focus testing on the game,” creative director and general manager David Votypka told Eurogamer. “We’ve seen some really expert players race through it pretty quickly – five hours, a little less. We’ve seen players take eight to 10 hours to play it. So it’s a range, there. It depends who you ask.”

Votypka maintains that this is an acceptable duration for the modern firstperson shooter campaign, with the likes of Medal Of Honor and recent Call Of Duty titles running to similar lengths.

“It's competitive with the lengths of the other top shooters out there right now, especially the ones with the big multiplayer components,” he said. “Where there's a lot of game time in the multiplayer, the singleplayer doesn't tend to be 12, 15, 20 hours long. The Mass Effects, those types of games where it's all about the single-player, then they put all their time and content into that.”

Homefront, which tells the story of an invasion of the United States by North Korean forces, will be released for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on March 15 in North America, and in Europe three days later, published by THQ.

Source: Eurogamer