Keiji Inafune Names New Company

Keiji Inafune Names New Company

Keiji Inafune Names New Company

Mega Man creator hands new business card to Japanese analyst.

Since leaving Capcom to set up on his own, little has been known about Keiji Inafune’s activities. Now, at least, his new studio has a name.

Andriasang reports that a tweet by a Japanese analyst claims Inafune handed him a business card bearing the name Comcept. The author notes in the comments that Japanese speakers often mix up the letters m and n, so it could equally be called Concept.

Inafune left Capcom after 23 years at the end of October, announcing on his blog that he was doing so “with the intention of starting my life over”. It is widely believed that his departure was connected to comments made at the Tokyo Game Show which disparaged the current state of Japanese development.

“I look around TGS, and everyone’s making awful games,” Inafune told the New York Times. “Japan is at least five years behind. It’s like we’re still making games for the last generation of game consoles.

“Capcom is barely keeping up. The ideas, gameplay, design – there’s no diversity, no originality.”

Inafune’s time with Capcom dates back to his role as a graphic designer on the first Street Fighter arcade game in 1987, but he is perhaps best known as the creator of the Mega Man character. He also produced the Onimusha series and more recently held executive producer credits on Super Street Fighter IV, Dead Rising 2 and Lost Planet 2.