Kindle Gets Its First Indie Game

Kindle Gets Its First Indie Game

Independent game studio Spry Fox has released Triple Town for Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader in the US. It is the first game released by an independent studio on the platform.

Triple Town is a match-three puzzle game in which users attempt to fill the Kindle screen with castles and structures while battling opposing forces.

Spry Fox was founded by ex-Xbox Live Arcade portfolio manager David Edery and game designer Daniel Cook last month.

Describing the venture on his Game Tycooon website, Edery says: “I saw a platform with users who are inclined and encouraged to purchase large quantities of digital content at relatively healthy prices. And given Amazon’s merchandising expertise, I hoped that unlike on so many other platforms (Wiiware springs to mind as a sad example), Kindle games would get plenty of visibility and Kindle developers would have reasonable marketing tools made available to them.”

Edery has described the structure of Spry Fox to us as “the Hollywood studio approach”. “We build teams around projects as opposed to hiring ever more full-time employees, and we treat the members of those teams as equals,” he says. “They are not "outsourcers" to be tossed rote work from time to time — they are people whom we respect and are integral to the creative process. And like us, they are financially motivated to created a great game; if the project succeeds, they receive a significant share of the profit.”