Kinect Developer Switches To Google

Kinect Developer Switches To Google

Johnny Chung Lee leaves Microsoft after two and a half years; joins Google as “rapid evaluator”.

A core member of Microsoft’s Kinect development team has left the firm and taken up a position with search giant Google.

TechCrunch spotted Johnny Chung Lee’s blog post confirming he was leaving the post at Microsoft Applied Sciences that he had held for two and a half years. He has joined a special projects team at Google under the job title of “rapid evaluator”.

Lee – who joined Microsoft after making his name for creative use of the Nintendo Wii remote, using it for head tracking, virtual whiteboards and a gesture-controlled user interface – paid tribute to the Kinect team he left behind.

“It was an extremely difficult decision and I leave behind many great colleagues in Redmond,” he says. “It was great to be part of such a unique project. I look forward to seeing all the creative and unexpected ways that game developers will use the data from the camera to create fun experiences.”

While Lee’s precise remit at Google is unknown, TechCrunch speculates that he will have something to do with the Google Games service for which the search firm began recruitment last year.