Kojima on taking time out from the game industry – and choosing the Metal Gear movie’s leading man

Hideo Kojima has told us that he’d like to spend some time away from games development to work in other mediums, and has been offered work on several movies.

Speaking to us as part of his Metal Gear Rising: Revenegance world tour, in which he also revealed his first impressions of PS4 and the potential role that episodic content could have on next-gen platforms, Kojima told us: “I am turning 50 this year, and while I love game development, it’s quite a time in my life where I’d like to explore other things.”

“I love games, but I don’t necessarily like the management of the business aspect of working for a company. There are many things I’d like to do – for example maybe take a year off and write a novel. I’ve also gotten offers to work on various movies, and to make movies, so those are things that I’d love to explore at some point in my life.”

A Metal Gear Solid movie was announced alongside the Ground Zeroes reveal last year, but the project is still in its formative stages. Kojima has, however, given some thought as to who will direct and star in the big screen interpretation of Metal Gear Solid. “I don’t want to choose [a director] who has too much of a background making game movies, I want to find someone who’s fresh and new, and have someone who can really grow into this movie as their first role.”

“I’m working with the producer of this project, Avi Arad, and he’s come to me with various offers, saying that there are a lot of Hollywood actors who want to be Snake in the movie,” he continued. “But, that said, I’m reluctant to find somebody who’s a big name action hero because I want to find somebody who can grow with Snake in the movie, not somebody who has an established image before coming to the project. We want somebody to come in who can grow along with Snake as a fellow human being.”

Kojima is speaking at GDC 2013 next week, at which he’ll reveal final details on Konami’s new FOX Engine. Expect to see more information on Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes next week too, plus how The Phantom Pain project could fit into Kojima’s plans.

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