Konami Closes Hudson Entertainment

Konami Closes Hudson Entertainment

Hudson Soft’s US publishing arm closing its doors at the end of February.

Hudson Entertainment, the US arm of Japan’s Hudson Soft, has been closed down by parent company Konami.

Product and brand manager Morgan Haro revealed the news in a post on his blog. All of Hudson’s current projects have been cancelled as the developer begins the shift to social game development Konami hinted at when announcing its takeover last month.

In a refreshingly frank blog post, Haro laments a series of missed opportunities, saying that Hudson Entertainment’s understanding of the American market could have been better exploited.

“The act of producing and developing a game in Japan, and then bringing that game over to the US to compete in an increasingly competitive market is, more and more, an incredibly tough proposition,” he writes. “A challenge in itself to be sure, but to compound the issue, minimal communication and stifled collaboration seems to be hampering the chances of success.

“There were countless missed collaboration opportunities between the US and Japan. By the time we had received the game design document for any given title, development was more than likely well underway, usually past the point of the dev team able to make any major changes. We have so many fun titles that could have benefited from our collective passion. So many franchises that we could have created and improved upon to make gamers sit up and pay attention.”

Hudson Entertainment is to close its doors at the end of February. Konami announced last month that it would be taking full control of Hudson, in whom it has held a 54 per cent stake since 2005, at the start of the new fiscal year on April 1.