Konami Drops Six Days In Fallujah

Konami Drops Six Days In Fallujah

Konami has decided not to publish Atomic Games developed Six Days In Fallujah following a public backlash over the Iraq-based war title.

"After seeing the reaction to the videogame in the United States and hearing opinions sent through phone calls and e-mail, we decided several days ago not to sell it," a Konami PR representative told Asahi. "We had intended to convey the reality of the battles to players so that they could feel what it was like to be there."

Presented in a documentary-like style, Six Days in Fallujah is based on the 2004 US military campaign Operation Fury, in which the US lead an assault against an Iraqi insurgence in the city of Fallujah.

Previously planned for release in 2010 on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, it is/was set to feature fully destructible environments, a co-op campaign and competitive multiplayer modes.

According to previous reports the game’s European release was already said to be in doubt. This morning a Konami Europe rep told Edge that, “although it was announced in the US, it was never actually confirmed as a European title.”

It’s unclear whether Konami owns the property itself, or whether the developer holds the rights and will move to seek an alternative publisher. Edge has left a message with Atomic Games for comment.