Kujo: earthquake not behind Disaster Report 4 cancellation

Kazuma Kujo, director of cancelled PlayStation 3 game Disaster Report 4, has said that the March Tohoku earthquake was not the driving factor behind Irem's decision to cancel the game. Instead, he says the team's inability to finish the project on time led to the publisher pulling the plug.

In a series of tweets translated by Andriasang, Kujo revealed that Disaster Report 4 would be different to previous games in the series by having players live in a city for a full week after it had been struck by a disaster.

This, Kujo said, would show the aftermath – the clean-up operation, people returning to their destroyed homes to recover possessions, a girl searching for her missing family – in a bid to show that the real disaster comes in the days following the disaster itself.

Disaster Report 4 had slipped from its original release date of March 10 – the day before the earthquake struck – and was cancelled on March 14. Kujo took full responsibility for his team's failure to meet its deadline, but has not given up hope of releasing a similar game in future. He left Irem in May and set up his own company, Granzella.