Last chance to save money on Edge, on iPad or in print


Today is the last day you can take advantage of the half-price sale on the iPad edition of Edge 250. The special issue, which includes the world’s 50 greatest videogame developers and an in-depth look at Valve, is just £1.99 ($2.99), down from its usual price of £3.99 ($5.99).

There’s plenty more besides, of course, including our usual range of reviews and previews. You can find out what else is inside here.

To take advantage of the offer, download the container app or simply search the App Store for Edge.

If you prefer the smell of printed ink on paper, you can still save up to 40 per cent off the price of a subscription to the magazine. This offer also expires today, though, so head over to our subscriptions page if you’d like more details.