League Of Legends dev issues SOPA rallying call


League Of Legends developer Riot Games has urged users to contact local politicians in a bid to ensure SOPA and PIPA are not passed into US law.

In a post on the game's official forums, CEO and co-founder Brandon Beck issues an impassioned appeal to users, asking that they email their congressperson to voice their opposition to the two controversial bills, which he describes as "misguided and harmful."

"These bills are a misguided attempt to curb the illegal piracy of copyrighted content," Beck writes. "Preventing piracy of copyrighted content is a laudable goal, and Riot supports legitimate efforts to combat these activities and protect content creators (like us).

"However, SOPA/PIPA go far beyond simply addressing piracy … Under the law, ad networks, payment providers and internet service providers are now potentially liable for their users' infringement.

Beck goes on to explain how the proposed legislation could potentially impact on League Of Legends players, shutting down gameplay streams, fan and community websites, while threatening free speech and the "basic security infrastructure" of the internet.

"Congress will reconvene at the end of January, and with a long roster of supporters on both sides of the aisle, SOPA/PIPA could actually pass," Beck continues. "Riot Games is opposed to SOPA/PIPA in their present forms. While we do support efforts to prevent online piracy, the current form of this legislation comes at far too high a cost for us, our players, and online communities across the internet.

"Help us take a stand. Write [to] your congressperson today and voice your opposition to this misguided and harmful legislation."

It's one of the stronger anti-SOPA stances we've seen so far from a developer. While Nintendo, EA and Sony withdrew their formal backing of the bill, they continue to support it unofficially thanks to their membership of the Entertainment Software Association.

Capcom, also an ESA member, recently saying it has "no internal stance on this particular issue" while Epic Games said it did not support the bill in its current form earlier this month.