LG Seeks US PS3 Ban

LG Seeks US PS3 Ban

LG Seeks US PS3 Ban

Increasingly bitter legal feud sees LG citing patent violation in response to Sony seeking ban of LG mobiles.

South Korean consumer electronics firm LG has filed a complaint with the US International Trade Commission (ITC), asking it to ban the PlayStation 3 from sale in the USA.

LG claims that PS3 model number CECH-2501A – the 160GB Slim model launched last year – violates four LG patents relating to the playback of Blu-ray discs.

ITC Blog has a detailed breakdown of the patents themselves. LG says that it has at least one Blu-ray player on the US market that puts each of the patents into practice, and points to its production facilities in Alabama and California as evidence that it is entitled to hold the patents in the US.

While the ITC does not have the power to award financial damages, it can bar products from sale in the US if they are proven to violate patents. However little is expected from LG’s filing, which is seen as just the latest development in an increasingly bitter feud between LG and Sony.

According to Foss Patents, Sony filed a similar complaint against LG in late December, requesting an import ban on a number of LG mobile phones and modems. On January 27 the ITC voted that the matter warranted further investigation.

In further retaliation LG filed a complaint with the Southern California district court last Friday, complaining that certain Sony Vaio laptops and PCs, digital cameras, camcorders and Blu-ray discs were in violation of six of its patents. Bloomberg reports that LG also complained to the ITC that Sony Bravia TVs were in breach of a further four patents.