Livingstone expecting “positive response” to skills review

Ian Livingstone has said he is expecting a "positive response" to the Next Gen skills review he co-authored with Double Negative founder Alex Hope.           

The report, published in February, highlighted the shortcomings in the way the national curriculum prepares students for careers in the digital and creative industries, and called for computer science to replace ICT, which focuses on the use of software packages instead of how to make them. The government was expected to respond to the report this week, but speaking to, Livingstone confirmed it would take a little longer.

"I can confirm the delay in the government's response to Next Gen is for a good reason," he said. "I am now very hopeful of getting a more positive response to the report than we were previously expecting."

While Livingstone would not be drawn further on the matter, it is believed that the delay may have been prompted following prime minister David Cameron's comments at a Tech City event last week.

Cameron said comments from business leaders who had expressed similar reservations to those raised in the Livingstone-Hope report were "a wake-up call for our education system," admitting the curriculum was "not doing enough to actually teach the next generation of programmers."