Lucky Frame’s Gentlemen! on Android: eight sold, 2,462 pirated


Lucky Frame’s new release Gentlemen! has been downloaded illegally 2,462 times on Android as of this morning, with just eight copies sold legitimately.

It’s the first time the Edinburgh indie has released a game on Android, where piracy is much more widespread than on iOS.

“On our previous [iOS] games Bad Hotel and Wave Trip, piracy rates were generally around 20 per cent,” said Lucky Frame director Yann Seznec told us. “That is to say, for every 100 copies sold there were about 20 pirated copies.”

It hasn’t made the Edinburgh indie think twice about releasing its future titles on Android, though. “We made Gentlemen! in Unity, and I think most, if not all, of our future game projects will be made in Unity, so it’s not significantly more work for us to release games for Android as well as iOS and other platforms,” continued Seznec. “I think we might re-think how we approach Android slightly – this is only our first Android release – but it doesn’t feel right to limit who can play our game because it gets pirated.”

“Also, to be totally clear, we are really pleased that people are playing our game.” he added. “The people who are pirating the game are clearly really enjoying it, we’re getting great play stats and that makes us really happy.”

Lucky Frame has sold 154 copies of the game to date on iPad – you can read our Gentlemen! review through the link.