Maimai: Sega’s new arcade music game

Sega has unveiled Maimai, a new music game for arcades with a giant touchscreen and built-in camera.

Diginfo reports that Sega hopes the game will rekindle interest in arcade music games thanks to its eye-catching design and a lower difficulty level than many of its peers.

"This game is very simple to play," Ryuichi Taki of Sega's R&D division says in the below video. "You only need two actions: pressing the eight buttons around the main screen; and scrolling across the middle part of the screen, which is a touchscreen."

The front-facing camera captures footage of players, and Sega intends to add the ability to upload the results to Japanese video sharing site Nico Nico. The presence of the camera will, it is hoped, encourage players to move around while playing, which will show other arcade-goers how much fun it is, in contrast to traditional arcade music games.

"Current rhythm games in [arcades] are mostly the kind where you play by yourself and have to concentrate hard, and what you're doing is relatively hidden," Taki explains. "So we think it might be more fun to make playing more conspicuous, and show other people what you're doing.

"By using a vertical monitor, and showing not just players but also a gallery on the upper screen, and by providing a camera as well, we've developed this concept of a game where you can say to everyone, 'Look at me!'"

Maimai will be released in Japanese arcades in July, and Sega intends to release it overseas if it proves successful.