Marc Ecko Starts Games Division

Marc Ecko Starts Games Division

Following 2006’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure, fashion guy Marc Ecko is delving deeper into games with a new initiative to create interactive properties.

“Our goal is to expand creativity in videogames – we want to try brand new things,” said Ecko, founder and chief creative officer of Marc Ecko Enterprises (MEE). “There are so many great ideas out there that either aren’t getting the attention they need or are being completely ignored. We will work with the visionaries of the medium and get these inventive titles in the hands of gamers.”

Ecko aided Atari and developer The Collective to design Contents Under Pressure, a game that revolves around conflicts between authority figures and graffiti artists.

MEE president Mike Lynch will head up the new gaming division, which will work with publishers to bring product to market. “Since the launch of Marc’s first game, Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure last year, we have begun cultivating new game concepts, funding interesting titles that were already in development, and keeping an eye out for progressive ideas,” said Lynch. “One of our initial projects is with a developer that was responsible for one of the biggest hits of 2006. We’ll be announcing details on this game very soon.”

Lynch will oversee VP of creative Marc Fernandez and executive producer Shawn Rosen.