Mario Level Generation Competition Opens Its Doors

Mario Level Generation Competition Opens Its Doors

Players invited to test automatically generated Super Mario Bros levels based on their own playstyle.

The Mario Level Generation Competition, which automatically generates Super Mario Bros levels according to player tastes, is now available to everyone.

Now in its second year, the competition sees testers play a generic level of the game. While they are playing, each player’s in-game behaviour is recorded, and the collated data is used to automatically generate random levels. Testers then rank each level according to which they most enjoyed, with the most popular level the overall winner.

However, last year’s contest had only the audience and judges of the Computational Intelligence In Games conference as testers. This year the scope of the contest has been widened and all are now welcome to get involved thanks to Julian Togelius and Noor Shaker of ITU Copenhagen.

Players are invited to play one sample level, then two levels generated based on player behaviour in the sample level, and answer a few questions about their experience. To get involved, click here.