Maxis announces SimCity

Maxis announces SimCity

Maxis announces SimCity

The fifth entry in Maxis’ urban planning series will release in 2013, featuring a 3D city, curvy roads and the promise that it will be “the most playful and responsive SimCity yet.”

Speaking at the end of the second day of GDC 2012, Maxis senior vice president Lucy Bradshaw officially announced the game that had been rumoured for days. Following the original, 2000, 3000 and 4, it will be just called SimCity.

It will feature a new simulation engine that aims to model the world we live in today. Player decisions will affect cities outside their own as well as individual sims. Their cities will sit in regions shared by those of friends, and be subject to the series’ signature threats – Bradshaw alluded to giant lizards.

Many aspects of players’ cities will be measured, from cleanliness and education to resource use and population. Stats will be ranked throughout the world, whether you want to get the best or the worst. Resources, however, will be finite. “You’ll struggle with the decisions people grapple with today,” Bradshaw claimed.

Compared to previous games’ system of painting buildings into the city, the new game focuses on building. “It should be one of the fun-est things to do – it’s tactile and physical. You carve roads, you put buildings down in a cloud of dust.”

Emphasising today’s connected devices she said, “There’s no better time to take SimCity, update it and introduce it to new generation of players.”

“We’re not trying to make the most complex – we’re making the most playful and responsive SimCity yet,” she continued.