Mel Croucher seeks Kickstarter funding for Deus Ex Machina 2



Mel Croucher and his team at Automata Source are looking for £64,000 from a Kickstarter fund to make a sequel to his 1984 game Deus Ex Machina.

The new game is a “reimagination” of the original and features a slew of stars either reprising or recreating the roles from the original game. Sir Christopher Lee leads the cast as The Narrator, with Chyna Whyne, Chris Madin, Joaquim de Almeida, Mary Carew, and Sulene Fleming lending their voices. A remastered version of Ian Dury’s original performance will also be included.

Stretch goals include Oculus Rift support, extra language options, and a film version of the game.

The original game became something of a cult classic due to its unconventional take on the video game medium. It utilized two tapes to have the full experience, one to be played on the ZX Spectrum while the other plays the soundtrack over the stereo.