Metacritic Begins Ranking Individual Developers

Metacritic Begins Ranking Individual Developers

Review score aggregation site Metacritic has begun ranking individual developers.

Prominent names like Shinji Mikami, Peter Molyneux, Ken Levine and Cliff Bleszinski now have their very own pages, as do any other individuals with a credit on a listed game.

Each developer page lists their highest and lowest-scoring games, with an average career score deciding their overall ranking. Every project the individual in question has worked on is included on their page, along with the role they carried out.

Information, however, is far from complete, with Metacritic pulling data from its CBS Interactive stablemate GameFAQs. Keiji Inafune, for example, has two pages: one under the name Keiji Inafune, another as Inafune Keiji. One of the highest-scoring developers is Robin van der Wel, with a score of 94 for his lone credit, as a programmer on 1996 PC title Diablo.

Metacritic suggests that developers submit any additions or corrections directly to GameFAQs, though it’s hard to imagine too many rushing to do so. One anonymous developer quipped to Gamasutra: “It’s bad enough games are judged by Metacritic. Now I’m going to be too?”

Source: Gamasutra