Microsoft allows indie devs to change pricing every seven days

Microsoft has changed its Xbox Live Indie Games terms to allow developers to adjust the price of their games every seven days.

Previously, XBLIG developers could only make changes to the price of their releases every 90 days. The new terms will take affect from May 23.

It will be a move welcomed by indie developers, who've felt that Microsoft has forgotten about them of late, but will still be tied to the company's outdated points system – a currency it was reported in January Microsoft intends to phase out.

The existing pricing stipulations will remain in place, with games smaller than 150MB allowed to be 80, 240 or 400 points, and anything larger at 240 or 400 points.

"We’re continuing to evaluate our developer base, listen to your feedback and adapt the system to the needs of creators," reads a post on the Microsoft App Hub forum. 

"We hope this update gives you new flexibility in getting the most out of the Xbox LIVE Indie Games program."

In February, Microsoft responded to criticisms of the Metro dashboard update – which buried XBLIG deep in the console's menu system – by improving Indie Game visibility in the US.