Microsoft CEO Explains New Xbox Comment

Microsoft CEO Explains New Xbox Comment

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has clarified comments he made last week suggesting that the platform holder was to release a new Xbox console in 2010.

In a speech at The Executive’s Club of Chicago, Ballmer reportedly said that a new Xbox console would feature technology that is “really close” to an actuality and an in-built motion sensing camera.

But clarifying his comments in a statement issued to IGN, the executive said he hadn’t been making any new announcements.

“I confused the issue with my poorly chosen words,” he said. “There is no news in my comments. Things are as reported after E3. Sorry.”

At E3 Microsoft announced plans to release a motion control sensing camera for Xbox 360. The device is widely expected to be available as a standalone product and to be bundled with consoles at retail. Xbox 360 director of product management Aaron Greenberg said last week that Microsoft is considering launching an Xbox 360 featuring an in-built camera, but that launch plans have yet to be finalised.