Microsoft Hails Kinect Sales Figures

Microsoft Hails Kinect Sales Figures

Sales of 8m in two months smash sales targets; video chat app Avatar Kinect incoming.

Microsoft has said that its motion-sensing peripheral Kinect has sold 8m units worldwide since its launch in November.

CEO Steve Balmer made the announcement at Microsoft’s keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas yesterday. The figure dwarfs the target of 3 million sales by the end of 2010 that Microsoft set itself back in September, and the revised 5m target it announced prior to the unit’s launch in November.

Microsoft also announced Avatar Kinect, a video chat application using the Xbox Live Avatars which will launch this Spring, and confirmed that Kinect support for streaming services Netflix and Hulu Plus will be introduced in the coming months.

Balmer also announced that global Xbox 360 sales had passed the 50 million mark, with more than 30 million users on Xbox Live, a figure which was dwarfed by Sony’s announcement in its own keynote that 60 million PSN accounts had been created.

Microsoft also confirmed that its now-defunct Xbox Live retro service Game Room will be launched for Windows Phone 7, as would spin-off Fable Coin Golf, with money earned in the game transferrable to a Fable III save.