Microsoft on why Xbox One games will be “locked to you”

Xbox One pad 1

Xbox One games will be locked to each owners’ profile – a system which has “a lot of advantages,” says Microsoft Studios’ corporate vice president Phil Spencer.

Amid confusion (and consternation) over the place of second hand games on Xbox One, Spencer told us that Microsoft “recognises the importance” of trading in games but maintained that we’d have to wait for specifics on how Microsoft will address this market.

“We think, actually, that having the content that’s yours go with you is an important thing,” he told us. “You could have multiple Xbox Ones, your content is yours on every one of them, and it doesn’t require that you carry discs back and forth. The disc becomes a means of distributing the bits back and forth but the content is locked to you.”

When we asked what happens if players want to lend a game to a friend, Spencer replied: “I think the whole idea of a secondary market is important and it’ll be important in the next generation and we’ve designed [Xbox One] with that in mind from the beginning. We think there are a lot of advantages of having your content assigned to you digitally – we did that on 360 with cloud-saved games – and we want to do that with content.”

“We understand there are implications to secondary; just know that we recognise the importance of that market and we’ve designed with that in mind from the beginning. We’ll share more details as we get further along the road.”

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