Microsoft Points no longer compulsory in Windows 8, will Xbox Live follow?

Windows 8

Microsoft has made credit card payments the default transaction method of paying for music and movies on Windows 8, meaning the use of Microsoft Points is no longer compulsory and suggesting that the company may make similar changes on Xbox Live.

While previous versions of the OS beta have maintained Mircosoft’s points system as the primary payment method, the latest version switches things around. The company has been keen to talk up the close interaction between Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Xbox Live – even bringing the look of the interfaces more closely in line – making it seem likely that this change will eventually be rolled out across all of its platforms.

And in January, it was reported that Microsoft was making plans to phase out MS Points by the end of the year.

You can still use Microsoft Points in the Windows 8 beta, but it’s unlikely that Microsoft will maintain two methods of payment when real currency offers greater clarity and convenience than a proprietary virtual one. Microsoft has also come under fire in the past for sticking with MS Points while the likes of Sony and Apple abandoned virtual currencies.

Source: The Verge