Microsoft sued over Kinect

Patent Arcade reports that Ohio firm Impulse Technology has brought action against Microsoft, alleging that Xbox 360 motion sensor Kinect is in violation of seven of its patents. Six of those cover a “system and method for tracking and assessing movement skills in multidimensional space,” with the other describing an “education system challenging a subject’s physiologic and kinesthetic systems to surgistically enhance cognitive function.” Impulse claims it informed Microsoft in advance of the filing that its patents cover “a wide variety of games where the movement of a player is tracked in three dimensions … and certain exercise games where the motion of the player is tracked to effect movement of a virtual avatar, and the exertion of the user is monitored, including where the tracking of the player is done by use of a camera.” EA, Sega and Konami have also been named in the suit, with Impulse seeking damages, costs, interest and a permanent injunction.