Microsoft Unveils Red Xbox

Microsoft Unveils Red Xbox

Following much speculation regarding its existence, Microsoft has confirmed that a deep red Xbox 360 is in production.

The console – essentially an Elite system where black becomes red – will be bundled with a Resident Evil theme, a copy of Capcom’s Street Fighter HD, as well as a copy of Resident Evil 5.

News site Kotaku reports that the limited edition unit, priced in the US at $399, has been manufactured as a cross-promotion between Capcom and Microsoft ahead of the release of Resident Evil 5. This may now be part of a wider tradition for Capcom and its Resident Evil franchise; the game’s acclaimed predecessor was released alongside a GameCube and PS2 chainsaw controller.

Red will be the fourth colour variety of the 360 as a mainstream unit, with white and black already sitting in retailers, and a Halo-tainted unit available on the pre-owned market. Currently Sony is selling both black and a small portion of white PS3s, while Nintendo has yet to follow up its insinuation made back in E3 2005 that the Wii will come in a range of colours much like the GameCube and N64.

Image: Kotaku, 2