Middleware Firms Rush To Back NGP

Middleware Firms Rush To Back NGP

A host of middleware companies have in recent days confirmed their support for Sony’s upcoming PSP successor, Next Generation Portable.

Animation firm NaturalMotion has announced that its Morpheme 3 engine now supports NGP development, with CEO Torsten Reil saying: “It is amazing to have the performance to run our technology at the same fidelity [as PS3] on a handheld device.”

Trinigy’s Vision Engine has also been updated to include NGP support, with the firm promising the latest version of its scaleable engine will be revealed at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco later this month.

Also announced are BlitzTech, Audiokinetic’s Wwise, and Crytek’s CryEngine, as middleware firms scramble to introduce support for the HD portable, which was announced last month and is set for release in at least one territory before the end of 2011. Sony has published a list of all currently available development tools and middleware on its website.

Source: Sony