Midway Confirms Departure of Blacksite Lead

Midway Confirms Departure of Blacksite Lead

Midway has confirmed that Blacksite: Area 51 creative director Harvey Smith has left the company shortly following a blunt critique on the poorly reviewed game.

Smith, whose past work includes the highly revered Deus Ex, made no secret about the tumultuous development of Blacksite: Area 51 when he said at the Montreal International Games Summit, "This project was so fucked up."

Midway's Chicago headquarters confirmed to Next-Gen on Friday that Smith, who was employed at the Austin studio, left the company. A rep said Smith's decision to leave was "mutual," echoing news of the departure that originated from GameTap Read.

The rep wouldn't comment on specific reasons for Smith's departure.

Smith's blunt comments about the game came from a post-mortem of Blacksite during which he also said "With a year to go, the game was disastrously off rails, adding, "it went straight from alpha to final."

Review scores for Blacksite are averaging in the mid-60s on Metacritic.