Miyamoto: “We’ll Focus More On Gaming”

Miyamoto: “We’ll Focus More On Gaming”

Miyamoto: “We’ll Focus More On Gaming”

Shigeru Miyamoto has signalled a shift in Nintendo’s focus, saying that the firm’s recent lack of software output was due to it having focused its efforts on hardware development, and that it is ready to make and release games again.

Speaking to us in London yesterday, Miyamoto said: “I think 3DS is a unique entertainment tool – everyone can understand how it works. One of our next aims is: how do you convey this message? Because one has to play and experience [it].

“We spent a lot of time developing 3DS, for games for the future, so from now on I think we’ll focus more on gaming and we are releasing lots of games this year.”

Miyamoto confirmed that we can expect more “remakes of games on 3DS as well” and revealed his hopes for the downloadable software available through eShop, which will be launched by way of a system update, expected next month.

“Personally speaking, because it’s [for] 3DS, it’ll be 3DS-specific, unique and immediately suitable for 3DS. With downloadable games via eShop we will start to create meaningful and high-value games for 3DS specifically.”

He is open, too, to Nintendo’s established franchises appearing on the eShop, saying: “I think if it’s meaningful for 3DS. For me it’s important that anyone can play, and that it’s easy and comfortable for anyone – it’s not forcing a game into the hardware itself.”

With an Ocarina Of Time remake on the way in June, Miyamoto says the one game he would most like to see remade for 3DS would be another Zelda classic. “I think A Link To The Past,” he says. “Do you remember Xevious? It’s two-layered and I really wanted to create that at the time. So to see Link To The Past in two layers would be quite attractive for me.”

As we reported yesterday, Miyamoto as good as confirmed that Nintendo will be revealing its rumoured new console at E3 in June, and also revealed new info on Super Mario 3DS, which he said will be “completely original, and coming this year.”