MMO Announcement Was A Joke Says Bungie

MMO Announcement Was A Joke Says Bungie

Bungie has said that last week’s GDC revelation that the Halo studio was at work on an MMOG shooter was a joke.

During his presentation at the San Francisco conference last week the studio’s lead network engineer David Aldridge showed a slide claiming the studio was hiring for a “massively multiplayer action game.”

In a post on its website, Bungie says: “An industrious journalist noticed the final slide from David’s GDC deck which apparently proclaimed that we were hiring for a ‘massively….multiplayer action game’.

“Now, in rehearsal Aldridge was convinced that everybody got the joke,” it continues. “It was all in the delivery, he assured us, and he was certain it was clear that he was playfully riffing off the recent rumours. Unfortunately, most people can’t figure David out – they can’t process him. And we don’t expect them to.

“You can’t process David Aldridge with a normal brain. You’d need tiger blood and Adonis DNA.”

The news means Bungie is still yet to reveal its next project ten months after signing an exclusive ten-year publishing deal with Activision.