Mojang sold nearly 500,000 copies of Minecraft on Christmas day alone


Mojang has released some eye-opening figures for sales of Minecraft over the holiday period last year, topping off a year in which the studio shifted 15 million copies of the game.

On Christmas day, 70,808 copies of the PC and Mac version of the game were purchased/redeemed, and a total of 241,845 sold from December 24 to 30. In total, 4,177,843 were bought in 2012.

Somewhat surprisingly, the Xbox 360 version shifted even more, with 100,416 players downloading the game on December 25, 4J studio’s version reaching 325,591 for the holiday period. 5,002,370 hit Xbox hard drives in 2012.

And finally, Minecraft: Pocket Edition, which is available on iOS and Android devices, sold 283,939 apps on Christmas day and 706,419 during the festive week. For the whole year, though, it beat both the PC and Xbox versions of the game, totalling 5,899,727 downloads.

Mojang clearly has reason to celebrate at the start of 2013, then, and might just be on its way to start a new Christmas tradition up there with turkey, brussel sprouts and feigned appreciation of knitted jumpers.