Molyneux “fascinated” by free-to-play

Molyneux to leave Lionhead

In a talk at the Free To Play Summit in London this week attended by The Guardian, Peter Molyneux sang the praises of the F2P model and expressed the need to find a “middle ground” between big budget experiences and the more lightweight thrills of F2P.

“At the moment as far as [players are] concerned,” Molyneux said, “they’re watching Skyfall, and we’re asking them to go to free-to-play, which is like watching In The Night Garden. There’s got to be a middle ground.”

Molyneux is hard at work on Godus, a new strategy title being developed by his start-up studio 22Cans and his passion for the F2P model, and its suitability to Godus, was made clear: “I feel that the god-game genre embodies everything that free-to-play is,” he explained. “The god game genre was almost invented for free-to-play 25 years ago. It works so beautifully for what free-to-play represents.”

While positive about the advent of F2P gaming, Molyneux did have a warning about retro-fitting titles with F2P systems: “You can’t introduce free-to-play mechanics to a title six months after it’s released, it’s got to be part of the design. It can’t just be crammed in there later on.”