Molyneux: Milo Is “A Full Game”

Molyneux: Milo Is "A Full Game"

Lionhead boss and creative director of Microsoft Game Studios Europe, Peter Molyneux, has moved to clear up the confusion over the status of Kinect project Milo And Kate.

Speaking at the GameHorizon conference today he said comments made by Xbox director of product management Aaron Greenberg – in which the exec referred to the project as a tech demo that wasn’t planned for release as a game – were misinformed.

"Milo has been a hard thing for us to do and a hard thing to describe and I’m sure there are people in the audience here thinking, ‘a living boy, what’s he talking about?’ It’s the same for the people in Redmond.

“He hasn’t seen Milo for over a year,” Molyneux said of Greenberg. “He’s on the PR team, he came out with a stock answer. It’s being worked on, it’s a full game. I feel sorry for him," he added in a sympathetic tone. "If he had seen the latest of what Milo was he’d realise that wasn’t true.

“I’d love to give you a demonstration [of Milo] but I can’t,” Molyneux said. “Everything to do with Kinect has to go through the highest level. I will be showing it in two weeks’ time at a conference called TED. All this technology we showed at E3 does work. It really allows people to connect.”