Molyneux to star at GameCity 7

Peter Molyneux is to curate a full day of this year's GameCity festival in Nottingham.

With the festival now in its seventh year, it seems appropriate that it will run for a full seven days. Molyneux, who recently left Microsoft and set up indie studio 22 Cans, will devise a day-long programme of events covering his career to date, his plans for the future, and the films, music, art, literature – and, it says here, dogs – that have inspired him.

Last week was the 30th anniversary of one revered 8bit computer – read our take on the making of the ZX Spectrum, if you haven't already – and its rival, the Commodore 64, also turns 30 this year. As such GameCity organisers have reunited the team behind legendary C64 magazine Zzap!64, who are working on a one-off commemorative issue to be given away at the show.

Also planned is the week-long STEAM School, which is nothing to do with Valve's distribution service but is instead an educational effort, focusing on STEAM subjects – science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. Representaties from The Mozilla Foundation, British Library, Crytek UK and TT Games will be in attendance, with the aim being to inspire as much as educate.

GameCity director Iain Simons said: "The STEAM School is for parents, senior citizens, young kids, families and even students who want to get into the industry. I want to make it clear though: despite being part of a festival, this is a school and has all the things you'd demand from one.

"Assemblies, school photos, school trips, school dinners – and, if the situation calls for it, we have a nit-nurse on hand."

GameCity 7 runs from October 20 to 27 at various venues and public spaces across Nottingham city centre. For more, follow the source link below.