Monster Hunter Wii Charges Subscription Fees

Monster Hunter Wii Charges Subscription Fees

Capcom has confirmed that the Wii’s upcoming Monster Hunter title will charge users on a monthly basis if they want to play the game online.

A 30-day subscription to Monster Hunter Tri costs 800 Wii Points (around $8), with 60- and 90-day subscriptions priced at 1,500 and 2,000 Wii Points respectively. The deal marks a new precedent for Wii games, with this being the very first that charges customers for an online subscription.

This subscription service is only taking place in Japan. Despite the heavy charges for playing a Wii title online, by offering it to such a convivial market, the new service is expected to be a lucrative one for Capcom.

The Wii edition of Monster Hunter 3 is now unlikely to leave the borders of Japan. The title enjoys phenomenal popularity in its originating country, but so far has received a lukewarm reception elsewhere.

Source: Siliconera